Video Production Services

Unlock the potential of video content for your business. Our experienced team will guide you through the entire video production process, from concept to completion, ensuring targeted and impactful messaging for your audience.

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From concept to conversions

At iSky, our video services are tailored to your specific needs. We collaborate with you to understand your goals and message, ensuring each element is carefully crafted. From designing graphics for short videos to creating a series of videos for a comprehensive marketing campaign, we provide the level of support you require throughout the project.

We are a creative video production agency

When you’re ready to start your video production, we’ll work closely with you to develop storyboards and a preproduction schedule that aligns with your promotional or corporate video strategy. We offer assistance with script writing and preparation, ensuring your message is effectively conveyed.

Our comprehensive video production tools include voice overs, video animation, and interviews with key influencers, personnel, and clients. We’ll be with you every step of the way, ensuring that your project aligns with your brand guidelines and meets your objectives.

Whatever the Video Production Project

marketing video


The title says it all – it’s your chance to showcase your product or service to the world.

explainer video

Explainer videos

Demonstrable or ‘how-to’ videos simplify complex concepts or procedures that are difficult to explain through other methods.

guide video

Guides and information

A ‘first-person’ video captures experiences or products, offering valuable insights and inspiring others to embark on the same journey or try the product.

event video

Events and Conferences

Create a buzz by capturing the highlights, reactions, and key speakers from your conference or event.

charity video

Charity and donations

Having a known spokesperson who can speak authoritatively and passionately about an important subject can accelerate fundraising campaigns faster than text alone, or in collaboration with other campaigns.

science video

Science and research

Discoveries and new technologies offer valuable insights for others to learn from, showcasing a company’s professionalism and expertise to colleagues and peers.

Beauty fashion blogger recording video for blog

Your story

Your story is unique and can take us in unexpected directions, transcending categories and touch points.

education video


Transform your lessons or classroom into the digital realm with our expertise in shooting with multiple or single cameras.

Video Production Process

1 – Planning.

The first steps in the video production process involve sketching ideas and writing a treatment. By identifying your target audience and key messages, we determine the most effective visual language tools to engage with them. A brief evolves into a script, which then transforms into a storyboard, ultimately leading to the creation of the final piece.

2 – Shooting.

We have state-of-the-art equipment, including 4K cameras, lenses, gimbals, and sliders, to ensure that your footage stands out. Our extensive range of shots can include interviews with key influencers, personnel, and clients, time-lapse footage of events and locations, drone footage of your building, and captivating slow-motion shots. We will create a shooting schedule that is considerate of your business needs and respectful of your time.

3 – Editing.

Our video editing process is focused on bringing your vision to life. Once we have the footage, our skilled video editors will carefully craft the content during post-production. They will seamlessly integrate simple or complex graphical elements, music, voiceovers, and all the recorded footage to create a well-edited piece. As the video takes shape, you will have the opportunity to decide where and when it will be seen, ensuring maximum impact and reach for your intended audience.

4 – Distribution.

In today’s digital age, the distribution of your footage can reach global audiences in an instant. However, we also understand the need for physical copies. We can arrange as many pressed copies of your program as required, ensuring that the design and labeling align with your brand identity. Additionally, we can assist in planning the placement and promotion of your video, maximizing its reach and targeting as many people as possible.

Thinking of the bigger picture

Extend the reach of your message beyond a single program. By repurposing footage, we can create additional marketing materials that resonate with new audiences.

This approach allows us to build a connection with diverse viewers. We can also repurpose or add subtitles to your videos, enabling engagement on multiple levels or accommodating time constraints. For instance, footage from a company video can be repurposed for a Facebook cover video, teaser videos for social media advertising, a looping background video for your website, or even a fun bloopers reel for office festivities. The possibilities are endless!

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Video Production for multi-platforms

Our expertise lies in video streaming services, codecs, and standards, ensuring your video is ready for broadcast, event play, or online platforms. We understand the importance of adapting to the specific requirements of each environment. By creating different playback types, we ensure that your program shines brightly regardless of where it is viewed.

Tell us about your Video Production project

Every customer is different, every project unique. We’ll transform your idea into a finished video. Let’s talk.


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